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Hope you’re all enjoying leftovers from your Thanksgiving holiday. Our “leftovers” this week include:

  Reflections: Flying Corgi has been a journey for us three partners, and continues to be a source of rewarding work, because we are committed to our mission of promoting the safe exchange and expression of ideas and the joy and promise of books, videos and experiences between generations. Something to be thankful for!

  Renewal: The holiday with our families has refreshed us and given us the chance to think about our core values. Three and four generations gathered to celebrate in our homes this year, and our families will welcome two tiny new members in the upcoming months. Something to celebrate! Sometimes, building a business can be an overwhelming project that proceeds at a breakneck pace. Holidays and R&R give us a chance to refocus and re-energize.

 Ruminations: We have some exciting projects in development for the new year, and this blog will keep you in touch with them, as well as your editor’s thoughts about their subjects. Look for ideas and material on the world-changing events of the Second World War and how they affected those who lived through it, as well as what they mean for us today (in concert with our upcoming Back-to-Back Book set, Present for a Princess and When Foxes Gather). Also, I’ll be ruminating about the issue and effects of mistreatment in the form of bullying, in the worlds of human and cyber communication, in preparation for our new book, Audrey’s Garden. What do these events and issues mean for us today? Some  important things to think about!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Flying Corgi Media! We hope your holiday is marked with many blessings, including good food, family, friends, and good books! And after all the Black Friday madness is over, remember that you can order the perfect gifts– conveniently and without crowds– online. Amazon and Barnes and Noble carry our Back-to-Back Books, Thérèse’s Adventure and La Comtesse, by Charlotte Rolfe. Order your copies for holiday books to share in pairs!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Post a reply on our blog and share your recipe too! Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but our “melting pot” culture has given us a lot of different ways to cook that turkey and enjoy side dishes. Let’s celebrate history and food from families around the world. Flying Corgi is all about bringing generations together and we think Thanksgiving is one of the best times to start.

And don’t forget about our December 11 Book Party Event at the Java Room in Chelmsford, MA. (Check our last post.) Join us for an afternoon of fun, food, and good books. This is the first of many Flying Corgi Parties, and we hope to see you there!

Come to the Java Room, in Gingerale Plaza, 14 Littleton Road in Chelmsford, MA on December 11 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., for a fun- and food-filled afternoon with Flying Corgi Media, Back-to-Back Books, and “Thérèse” from the cover of Thérèse’s Adventure. La Comtesse and Thérèse’s Adventure will be available for purchase– they make GREAT holiday gifts!— and you can chat with me and my Flying Corgi partners all about these and our next Back-to-Back Book pair to be published in the Spring. “Thérèse” can tell you all about what it’s like to pose for a book cover, and we’ll be announcing a call for book cover models for our next pair of books. The Java Room will supply delectable edibles. Don’t miss an afternoon of books, fun and food!

A great idea came to us from Corgifriend Barbara Kampas, who told us that she and her daughter like to fix bowls of soup, light a fire in their fireplace, and enjoy their warm meals with books. Sometimes they read individually, sometimes aloud to each other. What a great way to share and enjoy Back-to-Back Books! We suggest adding a great cuppa, and maybe a scone or two. Here are some recipe suggestions to get you going:

Sultana Scones (adapted from a recipe in the Belfast Cookery Book, Pergamon Press, Ltd., Oxford, 1974)

(amounts given in American measures)

1 1/4 c. all-purpose unbleached flour

1/2 tsp. salt

1 rounded tsp. backing powder

2 T. superfine sugar

1/3 c. sultanas (golden raisins)

4 T. butter

1/2 c. milk

1 large egg (optional)

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut and rub in the butter. Add the sugar and golden raisins. Beat the egg, if used, and mix with the milk and add gradually to the rest of the ingredients to form a soft dough. Pat out to about 1-inch thick. Cut into scones with a knife or cookie cutter. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet in a hot oven (475 degrees F) for about 10 minutes until golden on top. Enjoy plain or with jam and clotted cream or butter.

My own perfect cuppa

Heat a full tea kettle of water just to boiling (or whistling). Have on hand two 6-cup ceramic teapots (or “Brown Bettys”) or one teapot and a covered saucepan.

Pour half the water into a ceramic teapot.

Spoon three teaspoons (not measuring spoons– real teaspoons)  of loose tea (I like to blend my own) into another 6-cup ceramic teapot or saucepan. Fill this pot with the rest of the boiling water and cover. Steep the tea for 3 minutes or until you get a clear copper-colored liquid.

Pour out the water from the first teapot and set it on a trivet. Strain the tea from the second pot into the first, discarding the tea leaves. This way, you have made the tea to the strength you want. It will not strengthen or become acidic, because you have not left tea leaves in the bottom of the pot. Pour out a cup and enjoy!

We had a great meeting today and we’re planning another book launch event on December 11 (details TBA). We’ll be:

talking about Flying Corgi Media,

presenting our new Back-to-Back Books pair, La Comtesse and Thérèse’s Adventure for discussion and purchase, and

introducing our upcoming Back-to-Back Books pair, Present for a Princess and When Foxes Gather, with a “casting call” for models for our new book covers! Present for a Princess is about Girl Guides (English Girl Scouts) in England in the years after World War II. What better models could we ask for than Girl Scouts? Anyway, watch the blog, our Facebook page, and catch us on Twitter for the time, the place, and the details!

Hi, everyone!
Welcome to our blog. Flying Corgi Media is an Independent publishing and video producing company specializing in books and media that enhance communication between generations and bring families together.

We’ve just published our first pair of Back-to-Back Books (a Flying Corgi imprimatur): books to share in pairs called La Comtesse and Thérèse’s Adventure. Thérèse’s Adventure targets young readers who are comfortable reading chapter books (ages 8-14). They can discuss this story with the adults readers of the romance-adventure La Comtesse, which continues to the story of Thérèse as a young woman. These books are available at your local independent bookstore and through and Barnes and Noble.

There will be two new Back-to-Back Books to share in the spring of 2012!

NEW! We’re also working on the publication of Audrey’s Garden, a novel for readers aged 8-12. The subject is bullying, and Audrey’s Garden will encourage kids and adults to talk in healthy ways about this topic.

AND, in the works is a series for young children (pre-readers and young readers) called Russell’s Muscles, aimed at getting kids to have fun exercising and eating healthy foods.

There’s plenty of work for us to do!

Who are we and what’s our story? In early 2011, I got a call from my old friend, Susan Gates, asking me if I would read a pair of books by Charlotte Rolfe (Thérèse’s Adventures and La Comtesse) to see if they could be edited and brought to publication. She and Madeleine Needles were thinking of forming a company to publish these and other books and produce videos. Both Susan and Madeleine had grown sons with whom I had worked in high school theater back when they were students and I was directing, so I had known both women for about 20 years. I met Susan and Madeleine in a local coffee shop and told them I didn’t want to be just their editor, I wanted to be a partner! I thought the idea of publishing literature and video materials to encourage communication between generations was fabulous!

And so, Flying Corgi Media was born. We still meet in that local coffee shop, the Java Room (fabulous scones, coffees, teas, and sandwiches), for a lot of our business. And we’re really excited about bringing our concept and our books to you.

Watch this blog for posts, interviews, and thoughts. Speaking of thoughts, do you have a parent-child book group in your area, perhaps at your local library? Tell us about it!