Hope you’re all enjoying leftovers from your Thanksgiving holiday. Our “leftovers” this week include:

  Reflections: Flying Corgi has been a journey for us three partners, and continues to be a source of rewarding work, because we are committed to our mission of promoting the safe exchange and expression of ideas and the joy and promise of books, videos and experiences between generations. Something to be thankful for!

  Renewal: The holiday with our families has refreshed us and given us the chance to think about our core values. Three and four generations gathered to celebrate in our homes this year, and our families will welcome two tiny new members in the upcoming months. Something to celebrate! Sometimes, building a business can be an overwhelming project that proceeds at a breakneck pace. Holidays and R&R give us a chance to refocus and re-energize.

 Ruminations: We have some exciting projects in development for the new year, and this blog will keep you in touch with them, as well as your editor’s thoughts about their subjects. Look for ideas and material on the world-changing events of the Second World War and how they affected those who lived through it, as well as what they mean for us today (in concert with our upcoming Back-to-Back Book set, Present for a Princess and When Foxes Gather). Also, I’ll be ruminating about the issue and effects of mistreatment in the form of bullying, in the worlds of human and cyber communication, in preparation for our new book, Audrey’s Garden. What do these events and issues mean for us today? Some  important things to think about!