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Happy holidays to all of you from all of us here at Flying Corgi Media!

This morning I cut some holly from our bushes to decorate the house, and was reminded, as I am every year, of the first winter we moved into our home and planted that holly. So many holiday traditions, repeated each year as traditions are, call to mind memories of events and celebrations past, of people who have moved in and out of our lives, of  light in the darkness of winter. Like our holly bushes, the traditions are evergreen, and return to us every year as old friends.

So it is with books. When the holiday season becomes rushed, when the desperadoes are storming the malls looking for those last-minute gifts, when the candles are lighted but the relatives are late (or there are so many relatives and friends that you forgot to light the candles!), a few minutes in the pages of a good book will calm things right down. Flying Corgi’s Madeleine Needles started a tradition with her family years ago of reading aloud to each other as a family. (More about that in an upcoming post.) There is nothing like a book to center you, to make you feel as if you have a friend, and to allow you a few moments to breathe. If you share that book with a friend or family member, it’s certain that you’ll feel warm and comforted. Don’t reach for the headache remedies– reach for a book!

Be sure to try our Back-to-Back Books this year. Books to share in pairs: what could be a better way to escape the busy-ness of everyday life? And have you some holiday book recommendations? Put them in the comment section of our blog and share them with our readers.

Don’t miss Flying Corgi Media‘s Event at the Java Room, 14 Littleton Road, Chelmsford this weekend! Meet our cover model for Thérèse’s Adventure, enjoy food and drink from the Java Room’s delicious selections, and chat with the Flying Corgi staff. Thérèse’s Adventure and La Comtesse will be available for purchase (perfect for holiday gift giving!) and we’ll be talking about upcoming cover shoots for our new Back-to-Back Books set. Time? 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Date? Sunday, December 11. Be there for fabulous food, fun and friends.