Archives for the month of: January, 2012

Flying Corgi has just celebrated its first anniversary! It was in January of 2011 that we decided to incorporate and form a company. It’s been an exciting time since then, filled with work, learning, and partnership. We celebrated our anniversary with champagne and chocolate, following the clink of our glasses with congratulations for what we achieved this past year and then yet another business meeting (switching to tea and cake!). We made plans for this year, and they are exciting. If you’ve had an anniversary lately, we congratulate you and hope that you’ll have lots of plans for 2012 too. And we hope that whatever you plan, you’re planning, as we are, to do something you love.

The pot’s simmering! I have just started on two manuscripts, one for Back-to-Back Books, (When Foxes Gather, by Charlotte Rolfe) and the other, a new book called Audrey’s Garden (see earlier posts) by Leslie Koreski. They’re now in development for publication later this year. Ms. Rolfe is at work on the companion piece to Foxes, called Present for a Princess. 2012 is starting out to be a lot of fun for us and, hopefully, will be fun for our readers, too!

Editing at this stage is a particularly satisfying job. Our authors are already very talented writers, but helping them develop a plot, polish a character, and sometimes even make major changes is a great, hands-on job. It’s rewarding to assist an author in refining a vision and bringing it to life on the page and to guide a book to publication; it’s a little like directing a play and bringing it to production. Together we nurture our own professional relationship while we nurture a book. There’s a lot of brainstorming and spontaneous creativity; we learn from each other, play off each others’ ideas, and usually wind up with a whole host of new ideas for future books!

Must get back to the manuscripts, but I’ll check in regularly with thoughts and progress.



It’s a new year, and time to make a fresh start. Do you have resolutions? Achievable resolutions? Why not make one of them reading and sharing books and stories with friends and family of all generations?

My reflections this year have led me to two resolutions, which I hope are achievable in 2012. I’d like to try and achieve real, sustainable mental and physical health: I’m not talking about being in Iron-Man shape, just to be as healthy as it is possible to sustain on a daily basis, so I can consistently feel great and enjoy a high level of energy. Second, I’d like to do rewarding work and make it successful. Flying Corgi is certainly a rewarding place to work, so I’m on the road already!

I know all of us here at Flying Corgi are wishing all of you the best and happiest of new years. Be sure and share with us your resolutions, and watch for new books and materials in 2012.