At Flying Corgi, we have a special relationship with the work of Charles Dickens. Many of his characters grew from childhood to adulthood in his serialized novels: David Copperfield, Pip, and Little Dorrit, to name a few. In all his novels, he celebrated the lessons and the richness of life, and fashioned a social consciousness for his readers to learn from and act upon. His writing anticipated the centuries that followed him with its visual qualities, and made it a natural for the many cinematic renditions of it that we can enjoy today, but there are few writers whose books are better suited to long winter evenings and to reading aloud. In our Back-to-Back Books series, our characters progress from childhood to adulthood, and in our upcoming books for tweens, teens, and children and their adult relations, caregivers, and friends, we hope to raise social consciousness. In all of our efforts, we strive to bring generations together over the pages of a good book, just as Dickens did. Charles Dickens gave us a high standard, and we remember his writing on this day as an inspiration. (Now for a cozy re-read of Great Expectations in anticipation of the new PBS film…)