PrintThe bad news is that we had to put our company on hold for 18 months as our board of directors dealt with family matters and life events. Some of these were painful, but others were miraculous! All of us, for example, have become grandmothers, doting on a gaggle of adorable future readers!

And the REALLY GOOD NEWS is that we’re back in business. This fall, we have a wonderful new book coming out. Recommended for our readers aged 9-13, it’s called Audrey’s Garden, and here’s the scoop:

As Audrey and her family move to another town, she says goodbye to her BFF, promising to stay in touch. With a new town, new house, new school, and even a sweet, new friend life is looking pretty perfect. But things get complicated when the “popular” girls seductively vie for Audrey’s attention. They are so beautiful, so smart, so sophisticated. What will Audrey do to be part of their world? And what will she sacrifice to stay there? Audrey’s Garden follows one full year in the life of a ten year old child as she learns some hard lessons about honesty, self respect, and what it is to be a friend.

For the adults among us, Audrey’s Garden is ideally suited for discussion of behavioral issues of the pre-adolescent set. You can use this book to help your kids understand the nature of bullying, and how to prevent it and get through it. You can talk about friendship, compassion, and the healthy self, as well as other values and ideas with your child as you follow Audrey’s adventures through the social minefield that is middle school.

Our author, Leslie Koresky, was born and raised in Boston, and is now a long-time resident of Chelmsford, MA, where she and her husband raised their two sons. For over eighteen years she worked in the Chelmsford Public School System, first as a writer and Director of Public Relations, and later as a teacher’s assistant for children ages six through nine. Over the past twenty years she has served as occasional editorialist for the Chelmsford Independent newspaper, and is presently Public Relations Director for the Chelmsford Center for the Arts. Her experience in the public schools of Chelmsford inspired this book. It’s a great read for kids, and adults too.