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thHappy New Year to all our friends and book lovers! Please be sure to choose Audrey’s Garden when you’re looking for a new book, and watch for events and publications coming soon!

thWe at Flying Corgi Media wish all of you happy holidays! Please consider our books when you’re doing your last-minute shopping, and be sure to set aside some reading time during the holidays. Enjoy!

There is still time to purchase Audrey’s Garden before Christmas. It’s available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Is there a 10-14-year-old girl on your list who needs a good read this holiday?

We launched our new publication, Audrey’s Garden, with a successful book launch party on December 2, and it is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and soon at independent bookstores. You can read more about it on our website (, and watch this space for upcoming author’s events, where you will be able to meet and talk with author Leslie Koresky about her book, as well as purchase signed copies.